Data Center Power Cable

Features and benefits of Cobra Wire's Data Center Power Cable

Catgory Cobra DLO
Insulation PVC (softer) Rubber
Stranding 30 AWG (more flexible) 24 AWG
Temperature 105°C (higher Ampacity) 90°
Net Cable Weight Lighter (easier to handle) Heavier
UL and CSA Both (multiple safety standards) UL only
Internal and External Usage Both External only



Cobra Wire & Cable's Data Center Power Cable offers several advantages over commonly used product, and it is competitively priced! Cobra's product is very flexible, allowing tight turns and easier installation in the limited space of a data center. The higher temperature rating on the Cobra product allows it to carry a higher ampacity. The PVC jacket is smoother and significantly easier to pull through cable trays, reducing installation costs. Cobra's Data Center Power Cable is competitively priced with DLO and Cobra stocks the product in multiple locations.